The Colorful Reality of AI
10/04/2019 | Richard Salmon
To provide diagnostic algorithms with uniform, valid input, digital pathology images must be standardized to real-world colors
Worth Fighting For
10/07/2019 | Peter Carey
Our field must follow in the footsteps of radiology to reap the potential rewards of digital pathology
Protecting Patients from Progression
10/05/2019 | Michael Schubert
A new molecular test offers the first opportunity to identify the patients who are most likely to benefit from treatment, rather than surveillance
Seeing the Patient Behind the Slide
10/01/2019 | E. Blair Holladay
Each sample we see comes from a patient – and only by remembering that can we play our vital role in delivering coordinated, personalized health care
Honoring HeLa

Henrietta Lacks’ cells revolutionized modern medicine – and the Tate Liverpool recently celebrated her timeless impact with an exhibition of art and science, which the Lacks family even attended! Read more

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Application Note
How Alissa Clinical Informatics NGS and CGH data flows from sample to report

The studies will show how leading labs use Alissa Align & Call and Alissa Interpret for SOP alignment, NGS and CGH workflows, faster pipeline analysis to variant assessment, and diagnostic decision support in molecular pathology. Read more

Product Profiles
MarginMarker™ - The Global Standard for Tissue Orientation

Eliminate a known source of error in cancer surgery. Discover MarginMarker, the sterile ink kit indicated for use in cancer surgery where designation of tissue margins is essential. Read more

iMScope TRIO – revolutionary Imaging Mass Microscope

With its wide range of applications in various industries, the iMScope TRIO of Shimadzu meets the versatile needs of R&D challenges. Read more

Acupath First Commercial Lab Offering URO17™, New Bladder Cancer Biomarker

Exclusive to Acupath (NY), the URO17™ ICC stain demonstrates greater than 95% Sensitivity and Specificity for the detection of low and high grade bladder cancer. Used as an adjunct to urine cytology. Read more

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