This past week, we celebrated a very special milestone – the 200th birthday of the “father of modern pathology.” Below, two of Rudolf Virchow’s career descendants explore the life and times of the man himself – and potentially share a few facts you may not have known. Read on!

(And for those of you still interested in sharing your lab’s waste management practices, please do drop us a line and let us know what you do – it seems there’s a lot of interest in sharing this kind of knowledge!)

Yours, Michael Schubert, Editor

Weekly Spotlight

Oncology Reference Standards

Improve your assay development, validation and routine monitoring with cell-line derived reference standards. Patient-like performance and batch-to-batch consistency eliminates variability in your quality control program while saving time and cost. Read more​​​​​​​

Research Roundup
10/11/2021 | Olivia Gaskill
We bring you the latest research and breakthroughs in pathology and laboratory medicine
An Anniversary to Remember
10/13/2021 | Ivan Damjanov, Zdenko Kovač
Rudolf Virchow turns 200
But You’re So Good with Patients!
10/17/2021 | Colton Biehl, Kamran Mirza
Colton Biehl and Kamran Mirza address medical professionals’ negative stereotypes about pathologists and pathology
That’s the SPIRIT
10/14/2021 | Olivia Gaskill
New SPIRIT-Path guidelines have been published to address variability in pathology evaluation in clinical trials
Be Your Own Virchow

A 41-year-old female presented with an 8.2x4.2 cm left anterior mediastinal mass – but what is the diagnosis? Review the full case and make your diagnosis here!

Anatomy of a Social Media Success

Did you read our interview with the Institute of Human Anatomy? See the stats behind the lab’s social media success!

Webinars: Upcoming

MSI testing in today's pathology lab: aiming for accuracy and breadth to facilitate optimal therapeutic decision making in oncology
Thursday, October 28, 2021   |  4:30pm CEST  |  Register here

Sharing experiences from the world of easy NGS
Thursday, October 28, 2021   |  5:00 p.m. CEST | 4:00 p.m. BST  |  Register here

Understanding the transcriptome of limbal stem cells at the single cell level and their clinical utility in treatment of limbal stem cell deficiency
Thursday, November 18, 2021   |  Register here

Introducing the only true end-to-end NGS workflow
Tuesday, November 23, 2021   |  Register here

Special Promotions
Enhance your CPS expertise in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC)

Sign up for the latest Agilent webinar evaluating CPS of TNBC specimens. Join Dr. Allen Gown, MD, as he presents TNBC cases with distinct morphologies using the PD-L1 IHC 22C3 pharmDx Atlas of Stains.

CeGaT Webinar: Utilize Targeted Oncology Through Tumor Genetic Profiling

Molecular genetic analyses determine the tumor’s individual profile and provide information about tumor growth, possible therapy options, expected side effects and treatment response. Register now!

Transforming Immuno-Oncology Research

In this interview, Paolo A. Ascierto describes spatial biology’s contributions to immuno-oncology, highlights benefits and barriers to adoption, and encourages researchers to move into the space.

Together again – ASCP 2021 returns in-person and virtually, Oct 27-29

In Boston or remotely, you’ll be immersed with other attendees and leading experts, working together to solve the incredible challenges faced today while impacting the future of laboratory medicine. Read more

Innovation in Education

Pathology needs a purpose-built online learning solution – and Aurora mScope Education is here to help. Read on to learn how the platform prepares students and trainees for the real world of the lab.

Do you rely on next-generation sequencing in your laboratory?

If you answered “yes,” we’d love to have you complete a five-minute survey on biomarker testing and its place in oncology diagnostics, prognostics, and treatment selection. You’ll also be entered into a draw to win a US$100 Amazon gift card!

Learn Lab Management.

Interested in lab management skills? Click to find out more about LabVine Learning’s online lab management course (and sign up to LabVine for a chance to take the course for free)!

The 8th Digital Pathology Congress: USA Returns to New York 9th & 10th November

The organisers are excited to be welcoming you back to this outstanding networking congress. Readers are invited to discover the new agenda and speaker panel as well as taking advantage of the 10% reader discount code TEX10.

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