Spending long days in the lab? Especially under the current circumstances, it can be difficult to switch off – but Sanam Husain offers suggestions for getting the most out of your time (and the most time out of the lab!). Read on for her advice, as well as new techniques, new technologies, and even a quiz to test your terminology brain…

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Time Management to Maximize Your Day in the Lab
04/09/2021 | Sanam Husain
How to make the most of your day in the lab
The Vast Potential of Single-Cell Analysis
04/10/2021 | Zachary Pitluk
Zachary Pitluk outlines the route to single-cell analysis – and the promise it holds for human health and disease
Amplifying Biomarker Signals by Smartphone
04/08/2021 | Olivia Gaskill
Detecting biomarkers at low concentrations is costly, sometimes inaccessible – could addressable nanoantennae on a smartphone microscope be the answer
Do You Know?
02/08/2021 | Ivan Damjanov
COVID-19 statistics – revealed!
Image of the Month

The spike protein of a pangolin coronavirus has been found to share structural similarities with SARS-CoV-2. Check out the video of its cryo-EM structure here!

Pathologists’ Assistant Day 2021

On April 14 we celebrated pathologists’ assistants and the integral role they play in the lab. Head to @pathologistmag to see a collection of articles written by behind-the-scenes lab heroes!

Application Note
Fast and automated TSA-based multiplexed immunofluorescence on LabSat® Research

LabSat® is a rapid precision tissue immunostainer that performs a 3-plex protocol in 2h20 with Thermo Fisher SA-SuperBoost™ as well as a 6-plex protocol in 4h14 using the Opal® 7-color IHC Kit, with high quality and reproducibility. Read App Note

Product Profile
Unparalleled Image Quality at affordable price - OptraSCAN OS-Ultra WSI

OptraSCAN’s OS-Ultra is a high-speed whole slide digital pathology scanning system that scans tissues/cells of size 15x15 mm area at 40x equivalent in less than 60 seconds. OS-Ultra is accompanied with workflow, telepathology and analytics software suite as a complete solution for modern laboratories.
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Special Promotions
We Bring Vision To Whole Slide Image Management

Aurora mScope Image Management Solutions software suites specifically developed for Pathologists, Researchers, and Educators to easily manage, analyze, and share whole slide imagery across the web.

Lunaphore launches its Services Grant 2021 for multiplex IF users.

The Services Grant Program offers a grant for research projects requiring 6-plex or 12-plex stainings of FFPE samples, to be run on Lunaphore’s instruments. Check the full requirements and submit your application before April 30th!

The Proof is in the (AI) Training

Training an artificial intelligence algorithm for cancer diagnosis? Ibex Medical Analytics co-founder Chaim Linhart shares best practices.
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Optimizing Cancer Research with the MMI CellCut

Read about how Molecular Machines and Industries empowers scientists in cancer research with its advanced laser microdissection technology, MMI CellCut. Take me there!

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We work with event organizers from all around the world to help bring the pathology community together, from large congresses to intimate meetings that fit around a table. Discover some of the events that we partner with and stay up-to-date with the latest developments. 

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