A Whole New (Microbial) World
11/07/2019 | Luke Turner
New research uncovers thousands of previously unidentified tiny proteins in the microbiome that could advance our understanding of human health
Diagnostics Everywhere
11/07/2019 | Kimia Sobhani, Jennifer Van Eyk
Remote self-sampling may improve diagnosis and prognosis while reducing costs, but numerous factors must be considered for appropriate implementation
The Road to Mass Spec Imaging in Clinical Research
11/11/2019 | Alice Ly
How mass spectrometry imaging techniques can assist clinical pathology – if standardization efforts are successful
Peer-to-Peer, Featuring Fred Plapp
11/08/2019 | Ivan Damjanov, Fred Plapp
Ivan Damjanov interviews Fred Plapp about his career, his clinical pathology inventions, and the educational website he and his son have developed
International Pathology Day

Did you miss this year’s International Pathology Day? Catch up on our live coverage of the event on Twitter using #PathologyDay and by following us @pathologistmag!

Tweet of the Week

Last week’s National Pathology Week marked a celebration across all areas of diagnostic medicine. This short video does just that by explaining the analysis of urine samples for service users!

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Is a digital pathology workflow more efficient than the microscope?

Join The Pathologist and Philips on November 21, 2019, to discover the efficiency gains that Juan Retamero has experienced since implementing a digital pathology workflow. 

Introducing the New World of NGS

Thermo Fisher Scientific has recently introduced the Ion Torrent Genexus System. Don’t miss our demo webinar on December 5, 2019!

Implementing Multiplexed Spatial Analysis of the Tumor Microenvironment:

Don’t miss hearing speakers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center discuss how they implemented an automated, multiplexed tissue imaging platform for spatial profiling of the tumor microenvironment.
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Product Profiles
BreastIHC - Robust Ki-67, ER and PR quantification

BreastIHC is a new artificial intelligence software for quantification of breast tissue. It was developed with the many lab-specific variations in mind, resulting in unique robustness and accuracy. Read more

Acupath First Commercial Lab Offering URO17™, New Bladder Cancer Biomarker

Exclusive to Acupath (NY), the URO17™ ICC stain demonstrates greater than 95% Sensitivity and Specificity for the detection of low and high grade bladder cancer. Used as an adjunct to urine cytology. Read more

Special Promotions
A New world of NGS, A New day for precision oncology

Meet the Oncomine™ Precision Assay on Genexus NGS System, a new generation solution for genomic profilingProfile 50 key genes  in 1 day and combine your IHC results with NGS for complete profile. Read more

The Big Debate: Available Now!

How much is too much when it comes to test utilization? That’s exactly what our panel discussion at the recent ASCP annual meeting aimed to address – and you can now view The Big Debate on-demand!​​​​​​​

Upcoming Events

Be it a large congress at a huge venue or an expert meeting that fits around a table, these events are a fantastic way to network and educate yourself on the latest developments in the laboratory medicine industry – so why not take a look at our list of upcoming events?

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