A Disease With Many Faces
05/03/2019 | David R. Hout
Triple-negative breast cancer is not a single entity, and understanding each patient’s molecular subtype can influence treatment and outcomes
Solving the Big Problems
05/09/2019 | Luke Turner
We speak to bioengineer Stephen Quake to learn about the noninvasive prenatal tests that have saved thousands of pregnant women’s lives
Death Under Scrutiny
05/08/2019 | Jo Martin
The UK has introduced a national system of medical examiners to investigate deaths, improve patient safety, and support bereaved families
Gonorrhea: A Rising Resistance
05/08/2019 | Suneeta Soni, Tariq Sadiq
With the increasing emergence of multidrug-resistant gonorrhoea strains, we interview two experts to discover how we can combat the issue
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Application Notes
Identifying Collagen Fiber Types I and III Stained with Picrosirius Red

Designed with spectral characteristics that mimic a 100 W halogen lamp (9 V), the BX53 microscope’s LED enables the distinction between collagen fiber types I and III stained with Picrosirius Red. Read more

Product Profiles
The Standard in Ergonomics

The BX46 was specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of repetitive routine microscopy, enabling the user to maintain ideal posture and making the BX46 extremely comfortable for daily use. Read more

See how droplets are guiding precision medicine

Do you have the tools you need to support clinicians at decisive moments? See how a promising new technology can help. Read more

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Best-in-class clinical informatics for NGS variant assessment success: Alissa Interpret

NGS eSeminar attendees are focusing on variant assessment. Discover why Alissa Interpret is the solution of choice. DEMO Alissa Interpret’s workflow and READ how it is upleveling clinical-grade SOPs.

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