COVID-19 has changed the world – and, in turn, shone a spotlight on microbiology, immunology, prevention, testing, and treatment. Last week we launched The Infectious Disease Curator – a weekly newsletter that explores science’s battle with infectious disease. Each issue we’ll be covering all ends of the spectrum, ranging from COVID-19, HIV, malaria, and more! Subscribe and join us on this exciting prospect – and get in touch if you’d like to contribute to an issue.

Liv Gaskill, Associate Editor

Weekly Spotlight

It’s NGS, but as fast and easy as IHC or PCR

Ion Torrent Genexus System & Oncomine Precision Assay represent truly end to end NGS workflow that can enable your laboratory to combine your NGS and IHC results and deliver one complete relevant biomarker profile for clinical oncology research in 1 day, no matter your NGS expertise level.


Patents, Pandemics, and Sequencing
07/06/2021 | Joe Henderson, Michael Roberts
How innovative sequencing techniques can help in the battle against not just COVID-19, but also future pandemics
Hitchhiker’s Guide to Antimicrobial Resistance
07/09/2021 | Liv Gaskill
International travelers may be fueling the spread of antimicrobial resistance genes within the gut microbiome
Tales from the Other Side
07/08/2021 | Fred Bosman
The 15th volume of COVID-19 pandemic diaries from pathologists and laboratory professionals around the world
The Race Against Resistance
06/21/2018 | Sherry Dunbar
Rapid testing could be the tool we need to successfully address antibiotic resistance
Image of the Month

Researchers have facilitated molecular modeling of the SARS-CoV-2 N protein and wider pandemic and common cold-related coronavirus proteins – check out the images here!

People of Pathology

In this week’s episode of People of Pathology, Hayley Pincott discusses the importance of Biomedical Science Day, raising awareness of the field, and becoming a STEM ambassador. Listen here.

Tired of Manual Staining? Meet the LabSat® Research Platform

You are invited to a webinar with Epredia focusing on how to achieve IHC assays within 30 minutes and multiplex assays within 2.5 hours. Discover the LabSat® Research platform – a rapid reagent delivery system that uses microfluidic technology to reduce assay times. Register today!
*For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Application Notes
Performance of NEXTFLEX® Variant-Seq™ Kit using COVID-19 Positive Samples

One challenge of variant identification confidence is the variability in the Ct value of PCR-positive samples. Here we address the question of how the NGS workflow performs across different Ct values. Read more

Superior Determination of HPV using RNAscope™ In Situ Hybridization

HPV has been identified as a causal agent in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma (OPSCC). Discover how RNAscope™ RNA In Situ Hybridization Platform, provides a clear assessment of HPV status.

Product Profiles
Simplified SARS-CoV-2 Variant Detection

The NEXTFLEX® Variant-Seq™ SARS-CoV-2 kit simplifies the tracking and identification of mutations associated with SARS-CoV-2 variants using an amplicon-based WGA workflow with ARTIC v3 primer pools. Read more

RNAscope CE-IVD Detection

RNAscope identifies RNA expression patterns and localization at the single-cell level with spatial and morphologic context. It is highly sensitive and specific due to its double ZZ probe design. Read more

Precise Spatial Multiplexing with ChipCytometry

ChipCytometry Precise Spatial Phenotyping is end-to-end platform enabling quantitative measurements of high-plex protein biomarker assays with true single-cell resolution.
Read more

Professional grossing tables perfectly suited for your laboratory

GrossPath: Buy it, set it up and power it on: thanks to its generously proportioned active-carbon air recirculation system, the GrossPath Worktable is ready for immediate use – no need to install a costly separate ventilation system! All hazardous vapors are vacuumed downwards throughout the entire working area. Read more

Special Promotion
Tailor-made automated solution

With complete high-throughput multimode plate detection, high content analysis, and liquid handling portfolios, PerkinElmer is uniquely positioned to understand your scientific and application needs. Read more

Learn Lab Management.

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