A New Approach to Error
03/13/2020 | Michael Schubert
Patient safety affects the laboratory every day, as do errors – so it’s important to speak openly and honestly about them to prevent future mistakes
AI’s Evolving Role
03/13/2020 | Gillian Beamer
Gillian Beamer gives her view on the future of AI in pathology, including how she uses algorithms to diagnose infection with tuberculosis
It’s Time to Talk
03/17/2020 | Jeffrey Myers, Lotte Mulder, Michele Mitchell
Pathologists play a key role in patient care – and that’s why patient-pathologist interactions are vital
Boosting Genomic Research in Africa
03/12/2020 | Luke Turner
A new initiative for translational genomics is set to boost genetic research and inspire the next generation of scientists in Africa
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This week, medical students across America discover where they will be completing their residency training. Congratulations and welcome to all those who have obtained a #Match2020 in pathology!

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It’s almost time for the launch of this year’s gallery special feature – so keep your eyes peeled for some amazing #PathArt from all corners of the medical laboratory!

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Join The Pathologist and Thermo Fisher Scientific for a webinar that will focus on the detection of fusion based biomarkers using NGS in precision oncology clinical research.
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Application Note
OncoKDM: Improving TSO500 interpretation accuracy from VCF data in oncology

This app note aims to demonstrate how labs can streamline large panels (TSO500) NGS interpretation by using Clinical Decision Support and VCF data to provide oncologist with clinical recommendations.

Product Profile
OncoKDM Lite – The Clinical Decision Support for oncology to interpret NGS data

The CDS interprets tumor-based NGS data to guide oncologists in the treatment decision making, providing them with individualized treatment options and clinical trials recommendations for the patient. Read more

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