April has been a big month for the lab – from Pathologists’ Assistants Day to DNA Day to Medical Laboratory Professionals’ Week. After the past year, it seems strange to think that many people are still unaware of the lab’s role in their care – but at least now, more than ever, the spotlight is on screening and testing. And, as awareness grows, so too does appreciation for every member of the lab community, no matter how visible to the patient. Thank you for all you do!

Yours, Michael Schubert, Editor

Musings on a Missing Mass Spectrometer Vacuum
04/22/2021 | Jinny Jeffery
Poetry in a mass spectrometer uncovers thoughts on the absence within
Differential (AI) Decisions
04/19/2021 | Olivia Gaskill
A new algorithm goes beyond Bayesian inference to help physicians make differential diagnoses
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
04/21/2021 | Mike Osborn
Volume 13 of our COVID-19 pandemic diaries from pathologists and laboratory medicine professionals around the world
Finding Prognostic Patterns in Gigapixel Images
04/23/2021 | Heather D. Couture
By applying deep learning to digital pathology images, we can improve our risk-stratification of patients
Case of the Month

A 53-year-old lady presented with swelling at the right temporal region of the head – but what is the diagnosis? Click to review the case and register your answer!

National DNA Day

Earlier this week we celebrated National DNA Day – head over to @pathologistmag, where we shared some great activities and resources for children and experts alike!

Profiling cancer: Understanding genetic risk and the tumor-immune microenvironment

In this Journal Highlights double bill virtual event, we invite the authors of two recent publications to discuss their work in colorectal cancer (11 May) and breast cancer (12 May) using Fluidigm technology.

Product Profiles
Differentiating COVID-19 from seasonal respiratory infections

Targeted or syndromic testing for detection of most common respiratory infections, including COVID-19.
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Unparalleled Image Quality at affordable price - OptraSCAN OS-Ultra WSI

OptraSCAN’s OS-Ultra is a high-speed whole slide digital pathology scanning system that scans tissues/cells of size 15x15 mm area at 40x equivalent in less than 60 seconds. OS-Ultra is accompanied with workflow, telepathology and analytics software suite as a complete solution for modern laboratories.
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dRASTTM Rapid Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing for Sepsis patients

dRASTTM provides optimal antimicrobial therapy in as low as 4 hours on positive blood cultures. Fully automated, multi-sample & easy to use, dRASTTM is the solution for helping sepsis patients faster.
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Special Promotions
The Pandemic: One Year On Roundtable

Don’t miss our panel of pandemic experts reflecting on the past year, reviewing where we are now, and sharing their predictions on what the future holds for COVID-19 and beyond. Interested? Click here!

We Bring Vision To Whole Slide Image Management.

Aurora mScope Image Management Solutions software suites specifically developed for Pathologists, Researchers, and Educators to easily manage, analyze, and share whole slide imagery across the web.
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Lunaphore launches its Services Grant 2021 for multiplex IF users.

The Services Grant Program offers a grant for research projects requiring 6-plex or 12-plex stainings of FFPE samples, to be run on Lunaphore’s instruments. Check the full requirements and submit your application before April 30th!

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