Hello! Last week, I asked you for resources to help beginners in pathology and histology – and you certainly delivered! This week, I’ll share a link to the latest issue of The Pathologist Educator, in which all of your generously offered resources appear. I hope you, your colleagues, and your students will find it useful!

Yours, Michael Schubert, Editor

Weekly Spotlight

Connect with global oncohematology experts at the virtual QIAGEN Oncohematology Summit on September 15 and 16, 2021. This free two-day event – with live talks and panel discussions – brings together distinguished speakers to share their experience and insights in oncohematology diagnostic testing and blood cancer clinical research. Explore the program


Danger of the “Dharavi Miracle” Narrative
08/28/2021 | Adil Menon
Reinforcing established disparities should not be a model for future global health interventions
A Place for Everything in Spatial Biology
08/27/2021 | Nachiket Kashikar
A guide to understanding – and implementing – spatial biology in the pathology lab
Dare to Change
08/30/2021 | Michael Schubert
Even good changes can be difficult – so how can we overcome resistance to them?
Scientific Detectives for Better Patient Care
09/01/2021 | E. Blair Holladay
Patients are more interested and involved than ever in their healthcare journeys – but they need the lab to act as a guide along the way
Quote of the Month

The pathology lab lays the foundation of a hospital – and, without it, the whole system falls apart. Read more

Calls for Conversation

Whether you’ve participated in our #PathTwitter discussions on Twitter before or not, we want your ideas for upcoming conversation topics! Send us your question ideas to edit@thepathologist.com.

Webinar: Cancer Diagnostics - Keeping Targeted Therapy on Target, 30 September 2021 11:00 EDT

This webinar, given by John Garratt, will cover how CPQA assists labs to provide accurate biomarker testing by highlighting the breast cancer EQA program.

Novel solutions for biomarker discovery and drug development

Join The Pathologist and Ultivue on October 7 to discover why the development of robust biomarkers is essential for the continued success and improvement of immunotherapy treatments. Find out more

A Celebration of the Lab: The Present and Future of Pathology

Don’t miss our new Celebration of the Lab, in which five of our 2021 Power List finalists speak about their academic and clinical work, their experiences in pathology and laboratory medicine, and the lessons they’d like to share with their colleagues. Interested? View now!

Special Promotions
Get expert insight into PD-L1 scoring with histopathologist Dr. Philippe Tanière

Register now for Agilent’s webinar on assessing PD-L1 cases in various tumor types with distinct morphological characteristics and improve your grasp on CPS evaluation with an expert.


Success Through Cloud-Based Learning

Pathology training is moving online – but are standard digital learning tools up to the task? For detailed, high-resolution remote viewing and learning, purpose-built platforms are the way to go. Read more

EXAKT Technologies’ Pathology Saws: Better Safe Than Sorry

EXAKT Technologies’ pathology saws are designed specifically for the lab. The unique diamond blade and additional safety features reduce risk and ensure thin, pristine cuts with minimal tissue damage. Read more

A New Take on the Second Opinion

A remote pathology second opinion service that aims to be accessible to all? That’s the goal of Diagnexia. Interested? Click here to watch a video interview with Runjan Chetty about this novel concept.

Learn Lab Management.

Interested in lab management skills? Click to find out more about LabVine Learning’s online lab management course (and sign up to LabVine for a chance to take the course for free)!

Discover Great Events

We work with event organizers from all around the world to help bring the pathology community together, from large congresses to intimate meetings that fit around a table. Discover some of the events that we partner with and stay up-to-date with the latest developments. 

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