Priming the Clinical Laboratory for Population Health
05/13/2020 | Khosrow Shotorbani, Jeremy Orr, Keren Landsman
Khosrow Shotorbani discusses the laboratory’s position as a leader in evolving healthcare
Digital Pathology Enables Improved Performance Analytics
05/14/2020 | Nathan Buchbinder
Too many laboratory resources are spent on performance analytics and improvement – but what if digital pathology platforms could take that work away?
Why Didn’t They Teach This in Med School?
05/12/2020 | Ivan Damjanov
The second part in our series of weird and wonderful medical terms and diagnoses that you probably weren't aware of
Combining Urine Biomarkers for Prostate Cancer
05/17/2020 | Luke Turner
A new combination of urine biomarkers could help avoid the 60 percent of unnecessary biopsies for prostate cancer
Label-Free Imaging

Discover our new Image of the Month, captured using biochemical quantitative phase imaging with mid-infrared photothermal effect. Send your own interesting images to!

Case of the Month

Can you solve our latest case? A 61-year-old woman presented with a 1 cm left postauricular mass that she had initially noticed three months earlier – but what is your diagnosis?

Digitize your laboratory!

Join the digital revolution that is sweeping the field and switch from the traditional microscope to digital slide scanners to review cases.
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Next-generation digital pathology software

Join The Pathologist and Indica Labs on June 16 to discover the full features of Halo AP – a new state-of-the-art anatomic pathology software.
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Application Notes
First 10-color CE-IVD Immunophenotyping Panels To Assess Hematologic Neoplasms

Standardized panels provide labs with the opportunity to confidently replace the error-prone, manual method of laboratory-developed tests (LDTs) which are time consuming to create. Download White Paper

Control Cells For Assessing Hematologic Neoplasms

ClearLLab Control Cells, a liquid preparation of stabilized human erythrocytes & leukocytes, are the first application-specific IVD control cells for assessing hematologic neoplasms. Download White Paper

Product Profiles
MMI CellScan - The most versatile Whole Slide Imaging system

The MMI CellScan scans digital images using all objectives and imaging modes, even fluorescence. This very powerful and flexible tool exceeds the capabilities of standard slide scanners on the market today. Read more

Special Promotions
Real-world Data for Remote Sign-out

DPA is advocating for remote sign-out and needs your help to evaluate the use of this technology beyond the current pandemic. If you are doing remote sign-out, please participate in a short survey.

Analyzing Complex Genomic Variants in Somatic Cancer

In this practice-based webinar, learn how to analyze complex genomic variants, such as gene fusions,  splice-site variants, and co-occurring variants, within the context of somatic cancer.

Simultaneously preserve tissue morphology and biomolecules

The PAXgene Tissue System (RUO)* is a formalin-free solution that preserves molecular content and morphology. See the PAXgene Tissue Atlas here.

*For Research Use Only. Not for diagnostic procedures.

New launch: The COVID-19 Curator

Bringing you the science stories that matter as humanity navigates its way through the COVID-19 pandemic. Subscribe now

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