Although much of pathology and lab medicine revolves around testing, the stages before and after the test itself cannot be ignored. Whom to test? When to test? Which tests to use? And, once a test result has been received and interpreted, how to apply that information? Now, more than ever, people are aware that pathologists and laboratory medicine professionals = testing, but it’s important to make sure patients are aware of the equally complex work that goes into decision-making on either side of the test itself.

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A Way Forward with One Health
05/21/2021 | Michael Schubert
Pikka Jokelainen introduces us to One Health, parasitology, veterinary medicine, and more
Rethinking Risk Stratification for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
05/24/2021 | Olivia Gaskill
Integrated pediatric leukemia risk stratification and relapse prediction
SARS-CoV-2 Variant Testing: AMP Guidance and Recommendations
05/25/2021 | Olivia Gaskill
New guidance for sequencing and identifying SARS-CoV-2 variants has been released by the Association for Molecular Pathology
Digital Pathology to Achieve the Quadruple Aim
05/28/2021 | Monica Santamaria-Fries
Digital pathology is neither a replacement for, nor a supplement to, pathologists – it is a tool to help them improve their own working experience
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Carol Robinson, the first female chemistry professor at Oxford and Cambridge, shares her views on gender equality in science. Check out the quote here!

Don’t Croak

@Vik_deshpandeMD’s favorite stain has got #PathTwitter talking about what it looks like – @pembeoltulu sees a frog. What do you see? Let us know!

Color Fidelity is Critical!

The Pathologist and FFEI on June 10 and hear Richard Salmon explain the importance of color fidelity in digital pathology. Find out more

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KRAS G12C: The Mutation You Thought You Knew

KRAS G12C is one of the most common driver mutations in non-small cell lung cancer – and testing biomarkers like KRAS G12C is critical to managing lung cancer. Are you testing for this biomarker? Check out the top reasons this mutation matters.

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