The Tip of the Iceberg?
08/10/2019 | Michael Schubert
Washing and reusing pipette tips could open the door to a greener and cheaper future for laboratories
Giving Cancer the Brush-Off
08/09/2019 | Robert Odze
A new screening technique for esophageal pre-cancers can improve early diagnosis
Super Method Seeks Cancer's Kryptonite
08/11/2019 | Jonathan James
The combination of genome-scale CRISPR experiments and powerful computational approaches has created a Cancer Dependency Map
Mistakes Happen
08/12/2019 | Bamidele Farinre
It’s important to alleviate the impact of medical errors on patients – but we can't ignore their emotional impact on laboratory medicine professionals
The Big See

Interested in diagnostics for ophthalmic malignancies? Check out this article by our sister publication, The Ophthalmologist, to learn more!

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Discover the ddPCR Power Advantage

Learn about the first and only FDA-cleared ddPCR kit for BCR-ABL testing. See how a promising new technology can help.

Acupath First Commercial Lab Offering URO17™, New Bladder Cancer Biomarker

Exclusive to Acupath (NY), the URO17™ ICC stain demonstrates greater than 95% Sensitivity and Specificity for the detection of low and high grade bladder cancer. Used as an adjunct to urine cytology. Read more

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